welcome to the new science & technology law review website

SMU Science and Technology Law Review (STLR) studies the consistently shifting applications of existing law to new technology and  the fast-paced advancements of scientific breakthroughs. Our journal’s mission is to examine exciting new issues in the intersection of science, technology, and the law. 

STLR publishes twice a year. For more time-sensitive discussions on emerging developments pertaining to technology and the law, please see our blog.

We are not simply an IP journal—our scholarship ranges across topics such as genetic modification, 3D-printing, government DNA collection, mobile applications, internet privacy, and the ramifications of new technological advances on traditional legal practices.

Whether through our blog or Twitter presence, we want to keep moving as quickly as legal topics in science and technology.

     The SMU Science & Technology Law Review

The SMU Science & Technology Law Review is a student-edited law journal at SMU Dedman School of Law with a focus upon emerging developments in technology-related law.