To increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of our article review process, SMU Law Review Forum accepts electronic submissions via Scholastica, ExpressO, and email. Submissions delivered by mail will not be considered, except as reflected below.

SMU Law Review Forum welcomes article submissions from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks, but does not accept submissions from current law students. We publish on a rolling basis.

Times 11 or larger font is required for all submissions. Additionally, submissions must contain footnote, not endnote, citations that conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation or, when appropriate, The Greenbook: Texas Rules of Style.

All submissions should include (1) a resume or curriculum vitae for the author, (2) an abstract on a separate page, and (3) a copy of the manuscript.

Expedited Review
Due to the nature of the short-form articles the SMU Law Review Forum publishes, review of an article will take approximately one week. 

Questions regarding submissions policies should be directed to our Online Executive Editor, Griffin Rubin, at

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