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Volume 74 (2021)
Volume 73 (2020)
Volume 73
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The Incomplete Record in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York
by Eric J. Mogilnicki & Alexander Schultz

Diploma Privilege and the Constitution
by The Collaboratory on Legal Education and Licensing for Practice

The Trump Administration Should Have Attorney Whistleblowers
by Carliss N. Chatman

Stare Decisis and the Identity-Over-Time Problem: A Comment on the Majority’s Wrongness in Kisor v. Wilkie
by Christian Talley

Book Reviews

Taxation as a Site of Memory: Exemptions, Universities, and the Legacy of Slavery
by Bridget J. Crawford

Case Notes

Standing in the Way of Parental Rights—The Texas Supreme Court Resolves Courts of Appeals Split in Favor of Nonparents
by Madison Bertrand

Suspended for Sexual Misconduct, Now What?—The Sixth Circuit Splits from the Second on a Pleading Standard for Reverse Title IX Actions
by Thomas Campbell

You Have One New Message—The Eleventh Circuit Correctly Applies the Spokeo Framework to TCPA Claims for Unsolicited Text Messaging
by Mary Love

Against the Status Crimes Doctrine
by West Menefee Bakke

When “One Step” is a Leap: Examining the Fifth Circuit’s Correct Interpretation of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
by Brooke Vaydik

Collection – Foundational Voices in 2020 and Beyond

by Thomas Wm. Mayo

Disability Rights and the Discourse of Justice
by Samuel R. Bagenstos

A “Meaningful” Seat at the Table: Contemplating Our Ongoing Struggle to Access Democracy
by James M. Binnall

Beyond Equality and Discrimination
by Martha Albertson Fineman

Erasing Race
by Llezlie L. Green

What Can We Expect of Law and Religion in 2020?
by Leslie C. Griffin

Immigration Challenges of the Past Decade and Future Reforms
by Fatma Marouf

Representing Veterans
by Jennifer D. Oliva

Rethinking Foster Care: Why Our Current Approach to Child Welfare Has Failed
by Vivek Sankaran & Christopher Church

The Indigenous Decade in Review
by Christine Zuni Cruz

Identity: Obstacles and Openings
by Osamudia R. James



Investment Bankers as Underwriters—Barbarians or Gatekeepers? A Response to Brent Horton on Direct Listings
by Anat Alon-Beck, Robert Rapp & John Livingstone


Volume 72 (2019)

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