By Jessica Dixon Weaver

Professor Maureen Armour was known for many things by her colleagues—her brash sense of humor, the distinct sound of her voice, her clear manner of teaching, and her poignant questions that really got to the heart of a matter. She was a mentor to me when I first began working in the SMU Clinics, and she was the primary person who taught me about developing a clinical pedagogy in my child advocacy course. While I had mentored many students and some lawyers prior to taking on my first role in academia as a clinician, my first time teaching was alongside Maureen. She taught me how to teach a client-centered class and how to allow students to find their way—to give them room to make their own mistakes and learn how to practice law with a safety net (us!). It was an exciting time, and she was a great cheerleader of both clinicians and student attorneys.

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Recommended Citation
Jessica Dixon Weaver, Tribute to Professor Maureen Armour: A Teacher’s Teacher, 72 SMU L. Rev. 231 (2019)