By Michael Foreman

I met Maureen when, via a dual career move, my wife and I relocated to Texas. My background included nearly two decades of legal practice spanning from private practice to state and local government. I had also done some adjunct teaching at northeastern law schools. Based upon this background, and a relentless campaign to be hired, I convinced Maureen to bring me on as clinical instructor, or some academic title comparable to this in SMU’s clinical program—to be honest I can’t keep all the academic titles straight. Having never been totally dedicated to teaching, my thoughts at that time were, “How hard can this be?” I know how to practice law, so it would be simply a matter of getting students to watch and learn. Luckily, Maureen recognized something in me that made her believe I had the potential to be a successful clinical instructor, and perhaps more importantly, she had the patience to work with me.

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Recommended Citation
Michael Foreman, Maureen Tribute, 72 SMU L. Rev. 221 (2019)