By the Honorable Jane J. Boyle

I have many memories of Maureen, but some stand out. Like how she was the smartest person in our class of 1981—bar none. She was unorthodox. She wore army pants and t-shirts to school and wore her hair in a bushy style. Though she readily made law review, she quit. She already had her eyes set on a different career path than most of us. This unique passion for the law and helping others was truly fulfilled when she came back to the law school after ten years of practice at a big law firm to teach the Civil Clinic. There she fell in love with the work and it reciprocated. Her students and their cases were her life’s work. She approached each of her cases—be they employment, civil rights, or just a simple contract case—with an intensity that could not be matched. This intensity, combined with her incredible intellect, was absolutely unstoppable.

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Recommended Citation
Jane J. Boyle, Maureen Armour, 72 SMU L. Rev. 219 (2019)