By Frederick C. Moss

It was a sunny, hot afternoon in July 1978. My wife and I had just driven from Boston to Dallas to start my new job teaching at the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. We visited the law school to announce my arrival, find my office, and meet my new colleagues. We could find no faculty in the building. Leaving Storey Hall and walking down the steps into the law quad, we ran into a fellow with a beard. He introduced himself as Bill Bridge. He had also just arrived in Dallas to begin his teaching career at the law school. As it turned out, not only had we graduated from the same undergraduate university (Georgetown), we ended up teaching the same three courses for thirty years: Criminal Law, Evidence, and Professional Responsibility. Thus began our long relationship as friends and colleagues.

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Recommended Citation
Frederick C. Moss, A Friend and Colleague’s Tribute to SMU’s “Mr. Chips,” Prof. William Bridge, 72 SMU L. Rev. 11 (2019)