By Kelli M. HinsonJennifer Evans Morris, and Debran O’Neil

The Survey period was a turbulent time for professional liability actions of all types, featuring disagreements and inconsistencies among the various courts of appeals concerning the requirements of a certificate of merit in suits against architects and engineers, piercing the corporate veil in cases against officers and directors, and the test for determining liability for “shareholder oppression.” The Texas Supreme Court also issued important decisions affecting the timing of filing expert reports in medical malpractice cases and expanding the protections of the health care liability statute into unexpected areas. The United States Supreme Court even weighed in, clarifying the scope of federal jurisdiction over legal malpractice claims and overruling a prior decision of the Texas Supreme Court.

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Recommended Citation
Kelli M. Hinson, et al., Professional Liability, 66 SMU L. Rev. 1055 (2013)