The SMU Annual Texas Survey dates back to 1967 and originally began as a special issue of SMU Law Review.  It was established as an independent journal in 2014.  Published annually, Texas Survey serves as a tool to legal practitioners in the development of Texas jurisprudence.  Each issue includes articles from law professors, attorneys, and judges concerning a concise presentation of the present state of Texas law in one of eighteen specific practice areas.

SMU Annual Texas Survey is a publication of SMU Law Review Association (SMULRA).  SMULRA is a student-run organization at SMU Dedman School of Law comprised of approximately 100 second- and third-year law students.  Membership on SMULRA is highly competitive and is based on a combination of excellent academic achievement and superior performance on an annual Writing Competition.  For more information on the Writing Competition, click here.  

Newly-selected members serve as Staff Editors for their first year of service.  Staff Editors participate by compiling sources, substantively verifying articles, editing text and citations, and authoring two publication-quality academic articles that analyze recent cases, statutes, and developments in the law. In their second year of service, students serve in various leadership roles as members of the Editorial Board.  Editorial Board members are responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the journals, the symposia, and administration of the Association.  The President, Editors in Chief, and Managing Editors serve on the Executive Committee, which is the governing body of the Association.  To see a list of the current Journal Staff, click here.