By J. Price Collins, Wilson Elser, LLPBlake H. Crawford, Wilson Elser, LLPJohn C. Scott, Wilson Elser, LLP

During this Survey period, Texas courts issued opinions analyzing the meaning of “property damage” under a commercial general liability policy (CGL policy), whether loss-of-use damages are recoverable under an underinsured motorist policy in the case of a total loss of property, the relevant standards for determining the duty to defend, and the justiciability of the duty to indemnify. The Texas Supreme Court continued to evaluate issues implicated by the statutory framework of the workers’ compensation system. Moreover, courts examined issues associated with extra-contractual claims and the scope of the application of the Stowers doctrine.

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Recommended Citation
J. Price Collins, et al., Insurance Law, 3 SMU Ann. Tex. Surv. 211 (2017)