By Douglas S. Lang, Fifth District Court of Appeals of TexasRachel A. Campbell, Fifth District Court of Appeals of Texas

The purpose of this article is to analyze, summarize, and categorize the published Texas Supreme Court mandamus opinions delivered during the survey period of January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2013. During that survey period, the supreme court issued six published opinions involving mandamus relief. Four of those opinions involved relators seeking relief based on a claimed abuse of discretion by a lower court and no adequate remedy by appeal. In the remaining two opinions, the realtors sought mandamus relief respecting actions of courts or public officials pursuant to statutes or rules specifically providing for such relief.

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Recommended Citation
Douglas S. Lang, et al., Survey of Recent Mandamus Decisions of the Texas Supreme Court, 1 SMU Ann. Tex. Surv. (2014)