By Honorable Michael E. KeaslerBen Gillis

A review of the past two years’ cases involving confessions, searches, and seizures reveals important developments made by the United States Supreme Court. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals also decided a number of cases in these areas, which largely served to clarify existing law. This article reviews the most significant cases decided during the two-year survey period regarding (1) confessions and (2) searches and seizures. Each part identifies the areas of confession and search-and-seizure law that the recently decided cases implicate, discusses the courts’ opinions in those cases, and analyzes the cases’ significance to the law of Texas and the United States.

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Recommended Citation
Honorable Michael E. Keasler, et al., Criminal Procedure: Confessions, Searches, and Seizures, 1 SMU Ann. Tex. Surv. (2014)