By Don G. Rushing

I was honored to recently receive an invitation from the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Air Law and Commerce to prepare a brief history of the SMU Air Law Symposium. The request was to build upon an article about the history of the
symposium’s early years, written in 2001 by Eugene (Gene) Jericho, one of the symposium’s founders.

This was an invitation to stand on the shoulders of a giant—and a most welcome one. Gene’s earlier history recounted the founding of the symposium in 1966 and its remarkable growth over the next three decades. Charles Tarpley, who served as Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the symposium for thirty-eight years before his passing in 2020, opened the symposium proceedings each year by lovingly describing the symposium as the “biggest, one of the oldest, and the finest” in the world. He had his facts straight.

Download the full article (PDF) here.
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Recommended Citation
Don G. Rushing, A Further History of the SMU Air Law Symposium, 86 J. Air L. & Com. 337 (2021).