By Sylvia Ospina

By the time this review appears in print, perhaps a third edition of this excellent treatise on space law will be needed. The first edition was issued in 2009 and was reviewed by this author in the Journal of Air Law and Commerce. The second edition (Treatise) was published in 2018 and is the subject matter of this review. However, this review of the Treatise may end up being a rather unconventional book review.

The second edition follows the same general scheme as the first edition. It is comprised of eighteen chapters, thousands of footnotes, and references to topics in what could be sub-chapters within the eighteen chapters. There are many cross-references on the same topic, from one chapter to another, which makes for difficult reading at times, as the reader is asked to refer to previous or subsequent chapters.

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Recommended Citation
Sylvia Ospina, Book Review: Space Law: A Treatise (Second Edition), 85 J. Air L. & Com. 341 (2020).