By Jonathan M. Hoffman

The title of George Leloudas’s new book, Risk and Liability in Air Law, is something of a misnomer. Not to quibble, but a more precise title might have been, “Risk and Liability in International Air Law.” However, this modest distinction helps to reveal the differences between Leloudas’s British and European perspective of aviation law and an American one, where domestic law governs aviation claims far more frequently.

Leloudas brings an impressive background in international aviation law to his subject matter. He currently practices at the London-based aviation firm of Gates and Partners. According to the firm’s website, he is admitted to practice in England and Wales, and is also a member of the Athens Bar Association. He recently earned his Ph.D. in law at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University (this book is a product of his Ph.D. dissertation). He served as an assistant to the legal counsel of the International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI), providing support in relation to the replacement of the Rome Convention on Surface Damage.

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Recommended Citation
Jonathan M Hoffman, Book Review, 75 J. Air L. & Com. 621 (2010)