Publication policy: The objective of The Year In Review is to publish high quality articles on international subjects that are relevant to each Committee of the ABA/SIL, that inform its readers of significant legal developments that happened during the previous calendar year.

Article Submissions: Articles are submitted by the ABA/SIL Committees, and should not exceed 7,000 words (including footnotes). Text and footnotes should be double-spaced. Internal citations and footnotes must conform to the most recent edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Harvard Law Review Association). The YIR does not accept unsolicited submissions nor does it consider articles that have been or are to be published elsewhere.

By October 1st of the current year, the Committee Chair shall appoint a Committee Editor. The Committee Editor will be the person principally responsible for the committee’s submission for The YIR. The name of the committee, the committee editor’s name, and contact information should be forwarded to The YIR via

All articles must be in an electronic Word format, and may only be submitted by ABA/SIL Committee Editors. They should be forwarded to the ABA/SIL The YIR editor for that publication year, as designated on the ABA/SIL website, with a cc to, on or before December 1st. Manuscripts undergo peer review, source verification, editing, and citation checks. The editors of The Year In Review reserve the right to move an accepted manuscript from the committed issue to another publication of the ABA/SIL. Committee Editors and authors must also comply with additional requirements as posted on the ABA/SIL website.

Manuscripts are submitted at the sender’s risk. The editors do not return unsolicited material. Material accepted for publication becomes the property of the ABA/SIL, which pays no fee for any manuscript.

Subscription Price for Individuals Interested in Accessing The YIR: Section annual membership dues (free for law students) include electronic access to The Year In Review through the ABA/SIL website.