By: Ryan Kemrite

In the international sports-dispute world, there is only one “Supreme Court of Sport,” the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Before the CAS, the international sports community had a problem: there was no unified, international body that could adjudicate international sports disputes. Now, sports related disputes are streamlined and resolved in a time sensitive, inexpensive manner. And other areas of international dispute resolution should take notice. CAS, although not without its critics, has created a reusable blueprint for other areas of transnational dispute resolution. One of CAS’s greatest tools is the appointment of arbitrators specialized in the sports law arena. An athlete’s “playing life” can be quite short, so creating a speedy resolution mechanism is necessary. Because of this, CAS’s experienced arbitrators can efficiently resolve cases ranging from highly technical blood doping to athlete contracts. CAS brings a cohesiveness to an otherwise fragmented genre of law through a consistent blueprint—a blueprint that the rest of the world should imitate. 

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