By: Randee Williams Koeller

Narcoterrorism is a problem that has plagued the world for centuries and persists to this day.  Whether evidenced by a news headline or the quiet death of a person in a dark alleyway, the effect of illicit drug trafficking and narco-terroristic activities can be felt throughout society.  Although times and the major players have changed, the game and resulting detrimental effects remain the same.

This article will analyze the economic effect on international relations caused by narcoterrorism and delve into the issue categorically by examining who the critical forces are and how it affects tourism, trade, and overall citizen productivity.  Finally, the last section will lay out an approach for effective resolution by evaluating economics theories.  Although narcoterrorism may have deep roots worldwide, the question stands to be asked: Can the supply of illicit narcotics continue to survive if there is no demand for such products?


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