By: Kyle Markwardt

Abstract: The Paris Agreement on climate change represents perhaps the most inclusive and most liberal international agreement on preserving the earth’s environment.  Brazil, which historically has attempted to conserve its natural ecosystems, continues to adhere to the requirements of the Paris Agreement, at least facially.  Nevertheless, the election of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency in 2019 set Brazil on a potential path toward overturning these prior commitments, specifically in the realm of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.  Should the level of deforestation in Brazil reach even more concerning levels, the international community would need to consider various remedial measures, namely: international dispute resolution or suit before the International Court of Justice, domestic suits against the Brazilian government, the exercise of various amounts of hard and soft power, and the potential for UN action.  As such, the international community must weigh various economic and political factors to craft a solution to this complex problem.

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