The Student Executive Board would like to formally announce and congratulate all of the outstanding members of the 2019-2020 Student Editorial Staff who exhibited exemplary writing and editing work.

The following student editors are recognized for their impressive work in the following areas:

Best Case Note (which will be published in a forthcoming edition of The International Lawyer):

Kyle Markwardt, Promoting Economic Cohesion Over the Continued Rise of National Interests: Landeskreditbank Baden-Forderbank v. European Central Bank

Best Case Note Semifinalists (which will be published to The Forum)

Luke Hampton, Blockchain Island: Analyzing Malta’s Regulatory Framework Around Blockchain Technology and What We Can Learn From It
Abby Segodonia, The European Union’s Directive on Whistleblower Protection
Paige Calabrese, Without a Trace: A Comparative Analysis of How Transitional Justice Methods Address Enforced Disappearances in Spain & Argentina
Madie Arcemont, The Many Roles of Amazon: The European Commission’s Antitrust Investigation into Amazon’s “Buy Box” Competition
Lili McEntire, Impact of U.S. Safe Third-Country Agreements on Central American Asylum Seekers

Outstanding Editor Awards

Lili McEntire
McKenzie Trimble
Madie Arcemont

The Executive Board sincerely appreciates the hard work and dedication of these student editors who have gone above and beyond in their duties to ILRA.

Madie Arcemont
Kyle Markwardt
Abby Segodnia
Luke Hampton
McKenzie Trimble
Lili McEntire
Paige Calabrese