Each year, first year staff members are tasked with writing a comment on a topic of their choice. Comments are an exhaustive, extensive analysis of a particularly timely or controversial international topic. The staff members considered for this award were determined based upon the overall quality of their writing; the timeliness of their topics; the variety of international sources which they utilized; and the quality of citations and attention to detail.

Congratulations to these members for their hard work and dedication!

Best Comment:

William A. Meyers: C is for Cookie: Is the EU’s New “Cookie Law” Good Enough to Protect My Data?

Best Comment Finalists:

Nicole Feragen: Tigers, Rhinos, and Elephants, Oh My—A Survey of International Illegal Animal Trade Laws

Kassandra Galvez: O, Cannabis: An Analysis of Canada’s Legalization of Marijuana on a Global Spectrum

Nicole Heydari: Child Soldiers: A Violation of International Human Rights and Major Concern in International Law

Ludovica Pizzichelli: Deterrence or Drop in the Water? : The ICC’s Jurisdiction to Prosecute Non-State Party Myanmar for its Mass Deportation of Legally Present Rohingya into State Party Bangladesh

Lauren Zang: The Death Penalty Around the World: Its Consequences and Cultural Influence